Measurement of high voltage, mobile phone transmitters, electricity distribution, home WIFI, internet over the air, 5G, DECT phones, radars, transformers.


EMF measurement

Measurement of low frequency electric and magnetic fields, high frequency electromagnetic fields up to 8 GHz including 5G. Measurements are complemented by measurements of static electric and magnetic fields (electrostatics), measurements of radioactivity and, if necessary, light negative ions. Measurement of the apartment/house/land including consultation and detailed recommendation is for a total price - 2800 CZK (Prague, Olomouc). For other places in the Czech Republic + transport. The measurement includes an overall assessment of the quality of the house/apartment in terms of health effects and possible recommendation of materials for construction or reconstruction.
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EMF shielding products

Always have electromagnetic fields measured before and after applying protective measures. I recommend using materials from reputable manufacturers with a certificate of effectiveness, including 5G. Unfortunately, amulets, pyramids, pendants, harmonizers, cards, etc. do not work against electromagnetic fields. The ideal course of action is primarily shutting down/limiting the problematic source, then increasing the distance from that source, and only in the last  place is qualified shielding.
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9 quick tips for reducing electromagnetic fields

Minimise electrical equipment in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Route all supply and extension cables away from beds and desks (min. 1m).

Use primarily a fixed internet connection.

If you are using wifi, place the transmitter outside of quiet zones and use a time clock to turn it off overnight.

Check for high voltage power lines or mobile phone transmitters near your home.

Use LED bulbs with a CRI index of 90% and a chromaticity temperature of 2700K with a low strobe effect.

Set airplane mode for mobile phones at night.

For mobile phones, use a speakerphone or headphones. Turn off data, wifi and bluetooth if you are not currently using it.

Do not wear mobile phones on your body.

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